An Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Harassed This Woman, So Uber Tried To Make It Up To Her With Credit

If everything that’s gone down recently with Uber has made you completely hate the car app service, this story might be the icing on the sh*t cake. The company has come under fire overseas for its lack of proper background checks on drivers, but even those probably can’t tell whether someone’s a pervy asshole or not. Case in point, this London driver who reportedly sexually harassed a female client back in March.

The woman initially sent Uber an email explaining that her encounter with the driver was “forward” and “quite creepy,” with him asking if she’d like to go down on him during the ride. Not cool.

Uber responded back  with a half-assed apology explaining they’d be investigating the claim (also claiming that the report was painful for them to hear, but I’m pretty sure it was more painful for said woman to have to endure their employees alleged disgusting advances).

Obviously the lady was not satisfied with Uber’s response to her email and replied back with a more detailed version of the events, the kind that will just further gross you out. It seems that after requesting the woman sit up front (something she agreed to do because she was feeling carsick), the driver made his move:

Towards the end of the journey he was asking if I liked blow jobs, saying that he was very good at going down on girls or giving “sucky sucky” to girls and did I want him to do it to me. He even suggested that he could pull over into a side street and do it now if I wanted, which was I think the scariest part of the drive.

Uber was “shocked” by the woman’s account, so shocked apparently that they refunded the woman’s trip and then, to make sure everything was all good, offered the woman a £20 credit towards her next Uber ride. Classy Uber, really classy. The company spokesman had this to say about the credit:

Fortunately incidences of this nature are so rare that an official policy is not needed. Any incident is handled on a case-by-case basis and taken very seriously. We do of course often refund a trip after a negative experience of any sort, as our customers expect only the highest standard of service from Uber.

This isn’t the first time an incident with an Uber driver has occurred. Plenty of women have come forward claiming drivers offered them “massages” sent “abusive texts” and in an incident in Delhi, a driver allegedly raped a passenger.

(Via Newsweek)