Uber Surge Pricing Meant A $1,100 Bill For This Guy’s Hour-Long Ride

All the boozehounds who did the right thing and caught an Uber home instead of drunk driving on New Year’s Eve woke up to find they had paid Uber insane amounts of money. Sure, the car service gave plenty of advance warning that they would be increasing rates on New Year’s Eve, but not by a gazillion percent.

Global News reports Edmonton Uber rider Matthew Lindsay received a massive shock when he was struck with an Uber bill that looked more like a mortgage payment than cab fare. Lindsay and three of his friends used the service after attending a wedding on Friday and had three stops to make in the Canadian city. Lindsay says while he was given an estimated fare with surge pricing for the group’s first trip, he was never notified of the new pricing once the group made the additional two stops, leaving him with a $1,113.21 bill for a one-hour cab ride that would’ve normally been $125.08.

“I was shocked, physically shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” he said when he received the bill. “I felt it was beyond unreasonable.” “You could go anywhere in the world for that price.”

Lindsay contacted the company and demanded a full refund, but initially was told they did absolutely nothing wrong. However, Uber later offered him a partial refund of $500.

Of course, Lindsay wasn’t the only Uber rider shocked by their tab. Many others went on Twitter over the holiday and complained about the crazy pricing.

For the prices some of them were paying, you’d think they were being chauffeured around town in one of those obnoxious Hummer limos and not in a moderately priced sedan that probably reeked of smoke.

(Via Global News)

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