Stephen Colbert Heads To His Bunker To Panic Following The NYSE Shutdown

The latest video from Stephen Colbert’s Late Show home on YouTube features the host in full panic mode due to Wednesday morning’s troubles at the New York Stock Exchange. A computer error reportedly caused the shutdown and everything got back on its feet around early afternoon, but that didn’t stop Colbert from showing that he’s ready to bug out at a moment’s notice and survive to be a king of the new world.

Like most of Colbert’s videos so far, this one starts off slow and soon dives into irrational hilarity. There’s another Mad Max: Fury Road reference (the second in a short span), a full bottle labeled “urine” in clear view the entire time, and a new chicken lover to be queen (complete with children that will “birth their own breakfast”). The happy couple even takes a second to post a bunker selfie on Twitter:

And then in proper fashion, Colbert references one of the greatest Twilight Zone episodes to cover his lack of a Keurig coffee machine in his bunker. He was finally going to get a chance to test out those flavored coffees…it wasn’t meant to be.

(Via The Late Show)