Here’s Where The Obamas Will Live After The White House

In March, President Obama revealed that the First Family wouldn’t leave Washington, D.C. after they depart from the White House in January 2017. Why? According to the beatboxer-in-chief, he and Michelle’s youngest daughter, Sasha will still be in high school, and the couple doesn’t want to force her to transfer out in the middle of it all. Along with eldest daughter Malia’s upcoming “gap year” and her subsequent time at Harvard, it makes perfect sense for the Obamas to stay put. Hence their new house in the city’s prominent Kalorama neighborhood.

Per Politico, the Obamas “will lease the 8,200-square-foot mansion owned by Joe Lockhart and Giovanna Gray” located near Dupont Circle in the northwest quadrant of the city. Built in 1928, the house boasts nine bedrooms, eight-and-a-half bathrooms, a two-car garage and a courtyard large enough to host up to 10 additional vehicles. Along with a quarter acre of property and a protective gate running the whole length of it, the mansion seems ideal for the First Family’s first post-White House home. Not just because of its size (and, therefore, apparent ability to house their Secret Service detail), but due to its close proximity to Sasha and Malia’s respective schools.

As for the home’s current owners, Lockhart and Gray moved to Manhattan after the former “accepted a job in February with the NFL as its executive vice president of communications.” They paid $5,295,000 for the property in May of 2014.

(Via Politico)