‘Whitey’ Bulger Got Caught Pleasuring Himself Red Handed, Earning A Visit To Solitary

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Notorious Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger is serving a life sentence in prison for 11 murders. Last June, he was put in solitary confinement for 30 days, after supposedly getting caught masturbating.

According to the Boston Globe, a guard caught Bulger “touching his exposed genitals with his left hand” during a 3 a.m. check. As a result, he was locked up in a “special housing unit” for 23 hours a day during his punishment.

But Bulger is appealing the punishment, saying that he was trying to self-treat an infection he had gotten that he had been too embarrassed to go to the infirmary about. He said that he would take a polygraph test to prove this.

When the guard caught him, Bulger also had his cell lights on in violation of prison regulations. Bulger said that this was because of a prison experiment he participated in the 1950s where he was injected with LSD regularly. Here’s a description of the bonkers sounding program:

According to his prison files, Bulger and other inmates, who had time shaved off their sentences in exchange for submitting to LSD injections, were led to believe that they were helping an Emory University researcher seek a cure for schizophrenia. They only learned years later that Project MKUltra was part of an effort, sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency, to develop a mind-control weapon.

As a result, Bulger still apparently has nightmares and can’t sleep with the lights off. Never a dull moment with this guy.

(via Boston Globe)