Winter Storm Stella Is Preparing To Hammer The Northeast With Up To Two Feet Of Snow

Tuesday could turn disastrous across the U.S. Northeast and parts of the Midwest as Winter Storm Stella bears down for a late-winter extravaganza. The above CNN alert warns of “potentially historic” snowfall in New York City, with a direct hit being a certainty and the projections stretching from eleven inches all the way to two feet. Of course, the storm isn’t simply limited to the Big Apple. The Washington Post warns that a giant swath from D.C. up into New England could be plagued with power outages due powerful winds (up to 40 mph) and large bands of heavy, wet snow.

Many large metropolises, including Philly and Cleveland, sit directly in the path of this storm. All of Long Island, New Jersey, and Connecticut are projected to receive up to two feet of the powdery stuff, which will “make many roads impassible.” Whiteouts are also expected, “making travel extremely dangerous.” This map of the potential snow accruals is staggering to witness, and ideally, those who will experience it already prepared over the weekend. More than eighteen inches of snow seems virtually guaranteed across several states.

Roughly one in three Americans are currently under a winter weather alert. However, Donald Trump has already told everyone that things will be fine. “Let’s hope it’s not going to be as bad as some people are predicting,” Trump said, according to TIME‘s Phillip Elliott. “It usually isn’t.”

Accruals will begin on Monday evening in many areas, and describes why this storm could strengthen and be even more dangerous than expected:

This major nor’easter will take shape as a strong area of low pressure develops off the East Coast late Monday in response to jet stream energy moving through the eastern states. That low may undergo bombogenesis as it moves northward along the coast through Tuesday night, meaning there will be a rapid drop in atmospheric pressure which indicates strengthening.

Naturally, Twitter is also telling Seinfeld and A Streetcar Named Desire jokes (all like the ones below) to cope with the impending snowpocalypse. Expect this to continue. Stay safe, everyone!

(Via CNN,, Washington Post & New York Times)