The 10 Best Game-Winners In The NBA In 2014

04.07.14 5 years ago

There is nothing more beautiful or thrilling than a game-winning shot. When 48 minutes of blood, sweat and tears all comes down to one single moment, the art of basketball shines brightest. The feeling of your heart pounding when the game is on the line is arguably unmatched in this game we love.

Basketball fans have been fortunate this season, as there has been a plethora of game-winners and buzzers-beaters for fans to appreciate. Just this weekend, Washington’s Bradley Beal beat the Knicks with a pull-up J in the closings seconds in Madison Square Garden. If you have time, search “game-winners” on the NBA’s YouTube channel. It was a bigger challenge than initially thought to narrow down the best game-winner shots of solely the 2014 portion of the season (January-present), as each one provided memorable, entertaining moments.

With that said, what game-winning shots from 2014 made the cut? Let’s take a look.

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10. Klay Thompson’s buzzer-beating fadeaway to beat the Pacers
In the Warriors’ March 4 matchup with the Pacers, Klay Thompson was in 2K-mode in the fourth quarter, scoring 16 of his overall 25 points. Two of those points came at the most crucial time when the game was tied up.

With 10.9 seconds left, Thompson received the pass on the baseline and used his size advantage over George Hill to whip out a turnaround fadeaway to seal the game for Golden State. I can only imagine Kobe Bryant giving Klay the nod of approval after that beauty of a shot.

9. Patrick Patterson steals (literally) the game from Brooklyn
Toronto has made incredible strides as a team this season, as a talented, young core of players have solidified the Raptors as a team that cannot be overlooked. On January 27, one Raptor in particular came up with two consecutive plays on both ends of the court to silence their opponents for the night. With 12 seconds remaining and the Raps down by one against the Nets, Patrick Patterson intercepted the inbounds pass from Deron Williams and quickly passed it to Kyle Lowry. Lowry dished it back to Patterson, who drained the go-ahead jumper from midrange.

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