Andrew Nicholson Responded To Draymond Green Roasting Him, Saying He Sees It As ‘Insecurity’

Draymond Green has been in headlined plenty this offseason, not only for re-signing with the Warriors in free agency but for sparking a number of spats with other players (and their families), past and present.

Just this past week he got into it with Jordan Poole’s dad over comments he made on Patrick Beverley’s podcast about punching his now-former teammate. He also made waves saying that he’s not just going to suddenly start liking Chris Paul because they’re teammates, and there was a report there’s work to do with his relationship with Jonathan Kuminga. And there was a fake Kevin Garnett quote that Green fell for that led to him trying to start beef with KG on Twitter.

Those are all more recent Draymond-related stories than when he roasted poor Andrew Nicholson on Paul George’s podcast, as George asked him for the player that made him the most mad to get drafted behind. Nicholson did, in fact, hear that and responded in a guest appearance on the Tidal League podcast, prodding at Draymond a bit over his St. Bonaventure comments, while noting mostly he took it as Green showing “insecurity” and that he enjoys seeing those from his draft class succeed, including Green.

If I were to guess, Green will laugh off the idea there’s any insecurity for him when it comes to Nicholson. I doubt anyone had an Andrew Nicholson-Draymond Green back and forth on their offseason bingo cards for 2023, but here we are.