Kevin Garnett Called Out Elon Musk After Draymond Green Fell For A Fake Quote About KG Wanting To Fight Him

There are plenty of similarities between the way Kevin Garnett and Draymond Green have gone about their business during their NBA careers. One such way is that both dudes are famous for being brutally honest and not backing down from confrontation, although on Wednesday, we saw that this can lead to weird situations.

A parody Twitter account posted a fake quote that was attributed to Garnett that, essentially, said that KG was reacting to Green punching Jordan Poole last year. It went as far as to say that KG would invite the chance to fight Green. Of course, this was not real, but Green saw the blue check on the account, fell for it, and called out Garnett.

kevin garnett draymond green fake tweet

Again, Garnett has a reputation for being a brutally honest dude who won’t back down from people, so it’s not insane to think that he’d get really riled up and say something like this. Still, Green fell for the joke and went at KG in his own right by bringing up an incident from when the two played against one another, making it a point to tag Garnett in his post.

Garnett ended up seeing this, and instead of addressing Green directly, he decided to tag Twitter chairman Elon Musk in a his response and call out the fact that blue checks on Twitter can now be purchased by anyone — in this case, it’s very easy to confuse this one with the aggregator account @TheNBACentral, which has 1.2 million followers.

Green ended up deleting his tweet, which we’re taking as this entire saga being over.