Baby Shaq Wins The Red Bull King Of The Rock Championship

Two years. Two straight Red Bull King of the Rock championships. You can now safely say Baby Shaq owns this event. With Rajon Rondo looking on, Baby Shaq ran through an upstart from the Czech Republic named Lukas Kraus in the finals of the 64-player field, winning 13-12 after Kraus missed a last-second jumper. With all of the action taking place in the famous, bone-chilling yard at Alcatraz, where no basketball has been played since the inmates left “The Rock” over 50 years ago, the best one-on-one tournament in the world capped an awesome event with a few surprises.

With 27 countries now being represented in the qualifiers, we expected a few international players to make some noise. And unlike last year, where most fell in the opening round, this year saw nine international players make it out of the first round. A trio of them would go on to the round of 16.

For a full video recap, check out the video below.;

What was the hardest game of 1-on-1 you ever played in?

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