Blake Griffin Convinces Kevin Hart To Take An Ice Bath To Talk About Chris Paul, OKC, And The Playoffs

02.09.18 1 year ago

NBA star and recent LA-to-Detroit transplant Blake Griffin has a natural gift for comedy, but when he steps into the… err, ice bath with Kevin Hart, he gets to see a master at work.

The pair teamed up for LOL Network’s Cold As Balls video series, where Hart hilariously interviews athletes while taking a dunk in a tin tub full of ice. At least, in this video, Griffin does. Hart sort of hangs out on the edge of his tub, arguing that that point of the video is to make the participants uncomfortable and that his awkward positioning is far from cozy.

Hart bounces a number of questions off Griffin, both basketball-related and more silly. Griffin’s answers range from astute and sincere (his response to Hart’s inquiries about Chris Paul’s trade from LA to the Houston Rockets) to utterly nonplussed (his reaction to Hart’s off-color jokes about his parentage and unusual hair coloring).

Hart also tries to goad Blake into badmouthing his fellow players, admit to disliking Draymond Green, and mock-up a goofy commercial pitch. He asks about Griffin’s comedic influences as well, with Blake gamely teasing him by pretending not to know any of Hart’s specials. Blake also explains one of his own favorite bits, while Kevin overreacts. The duo flashes some brilliant movements of chemistry and sharp observation. It’d be fun to see them do more in the future, but The Rock might not appreciate Blake cutting in on his partnership with his diminutive pal.

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