The Rock And Kevin Hart Crack Up Doing Over The Top Impressions Of Each Other

Contributing Writer

Who needs Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker when you’ve got Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart? The duo electrified the screen and the box office with their recent hit Central Intelligence, which won crowds over thanks, in part, to the great chemistry that was on display between Hart and Johnson. Now we get to see more of that with this great LAD Bible video where the two impersonate each other for a mock interview.

Both men take their impressions over the top, with Hart throwing a hundred hang ten gestures and winks per minute while Johnson goes straight into Kevin’s hyperactive and repetitive speech patterns. “Laughed so hard we were crying when we shot this,” Johnson said on Instagram. “Kevin Hart’s impersonation of me hand gesturing and winking with the clicking noise is GAME F’N OVER!!”

“Yo, The Rock’s impression of me f**king kills me!!!!!” Hart said on Twitter. “It’s awful & good at the same damn time!”

You may not have to wait for a sequel to Central Intelligence for more comedy from Johnson and Hart. Word is the two are considering taking on a reboot of the Robin Williams classic Jumanji. And if that doesn’t come together, may we suggest these other great old movies the two could totally own with their on-screen camaraderie?

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