Watch Rockies Outfielder Charlie Blackmon Drill A Backwards Half-Court Shot At the Nuggets Game

01.22.16 2 years ago

The baseball offseason is endless, especially if your team didn’t reach the postseason. Charlie Blackmon’s Colorado Rockies won 68 games last season so he’s been relaxing for almost four months and is probably running out of ways to kill time before pitchers and catchers report next month.

So why not go to a Denver Nuggets game and hit a half-court shot with your back to the basket?

There are a lot of ancillary benefits to being a famous athlete, things like great tables at restaurants, speedily moving through airport security when traveling with the team and apparently never having to shave (unless you’re a New York Yankee or Toronto Maple Leaf, then it’s required). But getting a phone call that says, “Hey, want to come to a basketball game for free and take no-look half-court shots during a timeout?” is probably at the top of everyone’s list.

Blackmon, an outfielder, was among the leaders in outfield assists last season with nine, so maybe accuracy with his arms should have been expected.

After a 68-win season, this probably has to be a top-5 moment for Blackmon since April. Maybe he can get to the Broncos game on Sunday and kick some butt in one of those Dr. Pepper football toss challenges. Or take over in the second quarter if Peyton Manning can get the ball farther than 20 yards downfield.

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