This High School Basketball Player Called His Half Court Shot Like It Was Nothing

Known to many as “America’s Finest High School Basketball Tournament,” the 2016 Rancho Mirage Holiday Invitational tipped off on Monday night, and we’re already being treated to an instant contender for Best Basketball Highlight of 2016. The Chino Hills Huskies are currently 12-0 and ranked first in California and second in the nation, and they are the owners of a ridiculous 47-game winning streak. Their most recent win was a 131-100 spanking of Foothill, which somehow wasn’t the biggest blowout of Rancho Mirage’s first round of action, but it was certainly the highest score.

As you can see in the highlight video from Ball is Life, Chino Hill’s Onyeka Okongwu, Eli Scott, and LiAngelo Ball did remarkable things on offense and defense, but the one play that really defines how ridiculously, unfairly dominant this high school basketball team can be was delivered by LaMelo Ball. A household name he is not, but LaMelo’s confidence (or cockiness, if you’d prefer) in this highlight is just downright absurd.

Next up for LaMelo and the Huskies is the team from Franklin, Oregon. We have to assume that the winning streak will continue, so it’s simply a matter of how LaMelo tops this shot. If I have to guess, he’ll close his eyes and shoot the ball backwards, between his legs, from the opposite free throw line. But then, that’s probably still beneath his skill set.