DeMarcus Cousins Says Mike Dunleavy Is A Scared Clown

The Kings – Bulls game featured all sorts of weird subplots despite the Kings winning handily on their home court, 99-70. There was the epic Joakim Noah ejection and the missed Derrick Williams dunk. But DeMarcus Cousins‘ post-game question and answer with reporters at his locker might have been the best subplot of them all. When asked whether Cousins would send Mike Dunleavy a Christmas card, Cousins called him a clown before adding that Dunleavy was scared.

First off, if you want some background on the Cousins-Dunleavy beef — yes, there is a Cousins and Dunleavy beef, which is amazing — that stretches back to last season, check out Tom Ziller’s piece for SB Nation. Still, ee’ll rehash what they informed us to get you up to speed on Dunleavy-Cousins beef 2.0.

In March of last season, Dunleavy was with the Bucks, and his knee collided with Cousins’ knee during a scary-looking play under the rim.

Here’s how Cousins described the back-and-forth after the supposedly inadvertent collision, as transcribed by Cowbell Kingdom:

“Actually, I was cool about it because I really didn’t know if he did it on purpose. And that’s what I asked him, I was like ‘Was that on purpose?’ and his response was ‘What if it was? What you gon’ do about it?’. And that’s what, you know, kind of got me.”

Here was Cousins’ elbow shiver to Dunleavy’s head as retribution, and it’s what ultimately got him ejected as you can see in the video below the GIF.

Obviously, Dunleavy was trying — and succeeding — at getting under Cousins’ skin, and maybe he was trying to do the same thing when we fast forward to last night. The two were jawing at each other throughtout the game, and Cousins was pretty forthright when asked about Dunleavy post-game:


This is fantastic. Let the Dunleavy-Cousins beef rumble on!

(video via Cowbell Kingdom; SB Nation)

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