Doug McDermott Euro-Steps Two Girls On The Mean Streets Of Chicago

The Chicago Bulls season ended weeks ago, but for Doug McDermott, there is no offseason. McDermott is constantly working on his game, even when he’s not in the gym. He can’t improve his jumper off the court, but he can work on his euro-step wherever – at home, at the park, and, yes, even on the sidewalks of Chicago, as he does here.

All things considered, it’s not a bad euro-step. He holds the imaginary ball a bit too close to his chest, but we’ll let it pass since it’s tough to perfectly recreate those dimensions out of thin air. McDermott’s already expected to see more playing time this year under new coach Fred Hoiberg, and if he can perfect this move — though, Hoiberg would probably prefer he work on it with an actual ball and against actual defenders — it’d be a great addition to his arsenal.