Here’s Dwyane Wade Absolutely Crushing His Opponent In A Friendly Dodgeball Game

Last season was the first time in six years that Dwyane Wade watched do-or-die basketball from his couch. He helped the Miami Heat to six-consecutive playoff berths – a stretch that included four-straight Finals appearances – from 2008-09 to 2013-14, but couldn’t quite lead his team back to the playoffs in 2014-15 following the summer departure of LeBron James and sudden, scary in-season absence of Chris Bosh.

Ever since the regular season ended in mid-April, Wade has lacked the highly-competitive outlet that was a normal part of his spring and early summer for over half a decade. Understandably, then, the future Hall of Famer has some pent-up intensity as the 13th campaign of his career finally approaches. But did he really have to take it out on this absolutely helpless sock employee?

That’s Wade in the video above, absolutely obliterating a much smaller opponent in a friendly game of dodgeball at the headquarters of Stance, the league’s new official provider for on-court socks. We actually feel bad for his victim, too, but seem to be in the minority. Do you hear the hilariously evil laugh of the person shooting the video? That’s even more cold-blooded than Wade’s assault itself.

Fortunately for the three-time champion, though, he’s primed to play in some very meaningful games this coming season. The re-built Heat certainly don’t lack for talent, and could be a surprise Eastern Conference contender if Erik Spoelstra finds a way to make the puzzle pieces fit.

But until late October, casual dodge-ballers everywhere should be on the lookout. Wade could be coming.

[Via Instagram] [h/t B/R]