How Golden State’s Andrew Bogut Slyly Dismisses Derrick Favors

The Warriors are the only team through the season’s first three weeks to be ranked in the top 5 for offensive and defensive efficiency. Aussie center Andrew Bogut and his continued health (knock on wood) is a large reason for the latter.

Grantland’s Zach Lowe recently detailed Bogut’s use of quasi-cheap tactics to get an edge in the post. Bogut’s “glorious bastardry,” as Lowe put it, was on full display during one block last night.

During the play, Derrick Favors receives the ball high on the wing and steps-through to the elbow to face-up with Bogut before attacking the rim to his own left. But Bogut patiently follows Favors as he’s dribbling across the paint, and he rams the lefty hook attempt right back into Favors’ noggin.

Except, watch Bogut’s left arm hook under Favors’ right as their bodies converge before the shot. Bogut knows his torso is covering the maneuver from the refs because he’s secretly pulling down on Favors’ right arm as leverage for his own jump while preventing Favors from reaching his full extension. It’s glorious bastardry at its finest.


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