Greg Monroe Responds To “False Reports” On Twitter

07.03.14 4 years ago
Greg Monroe, Ian Mahinmi

Greg Monroe, Ian Mahinmi (Pat Lovell- USA TODAY Sports)

Yesterday, it was reported restricted free agent Greg Monroe told the Pistons he would come back on a one-year deal instead of negotiating a longer term contract with the team if Josh Smith wasn’t traded. Monroe immediately took to Twitter to deny those reports.

In a series of tweets, Monroe shot down any truth to the rumor that he wanted Smith traded:

Whether there’s any truth to the initial report, it’s easy to understand why Monroe feels the need to defend himself. As a restricted free agent, he only has limited control of the situation. If Monroe signs an offer sheet with another team, the Pistons can easily match.

If Monroe is truly not happy about sharing a front court with Smith and Andre Drummond, his only recourse would be to sign a one-year deal and enter the market as an unrestricted free agent next offseason. Choosing this route would run the risk of potential injury or a decline in performance next season which would decrease his chances of a bigger pay day down the line.

This time of year, with teams, players and agents communicating with each other on a daily basis to try and find the right fit for everybody, it’s almost impossible to figure out what is true and what is not. Even reporters who are plugged into the league may be given information from sources who have ulterior motives.

It’s totally understandable if someone from Monroe’s camp wanted his displeasure with Smith to come out in order to force the Pistons into a position where they have to decide between the two. The downside comes if both players are still on the team when training camp opens in October; it could make for a very awkward locker room.

Whether these reports are true or false, or whether the player denies it, once it’s out there, it’s part of the discussion. There’s very little anyone — including Monroe — can do to stop the perception he wants Smith gone once it went public.

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