Jim Brown Calls LeBron James’ Bow One Of His ‘Favorite Sport Moments Of All Time’

This moment, shared between two of the most iconic athletes ever, happened before Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Jim Brown, an obvious sports legend in his own right, called the gesture “one of his favorite sports moments in sports history” after meeting with the media on Tuesday night.

“He didn’t have to be thinking about me, so for him to even have the brilliance to show that kind of respect… it doesn’t happen too many times in my life. It was a wonderful feeling.”

Wait, people don’t already kiss the ground that Brown walks on? LeBron James was asked about the moment as well, and he told reporters that the moment was done entirely unrehearsed. Not going to lie, even if this thing was rehearsed it’s great enough to give any sports fans chills.

“What he means to this city, what he means to this community, what he means to sports and to myself is unprecedented, so it was great to see him there,” James said.

Cleveland won Game 3 with Brown in the house, so we’ll see if NFL Hall of Famer will be attendance for Game 4 on Thursday night.

[Source: ESPN]