Bon Voyage, Bon Appetit: Kobe Bryant’s Culinary Farewell Tour – Toronto, Indianapolis, San Antonio

02.06.16 2 years ago
Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant‘s Culinary Farewell tour continues with our first extended road trip. Kobe travels to San Antonio and Indianapolis before enjoying the festivities in Toronto for All-Star Weekend. It’s kind of fitting that the Spurs and Pacers are Kobe’s last two opponents before his final All-Star appearance, as both teams have significant places in his legacy. The Spurs have been a constant thorn in Kobe’s side, and Vino won his first NBA title in 2000 against the Pacers.

The best way to bid farewell to these rivals? Food, of course. And we’ve got just the menu for the Mamba.

San Antonio (Lakers vs. Spurs, 2/6/16)

Puffy Tacos

You’re goddamn right Kobe’s eating tacos.

San Antonio may be home to the Alamo, the River Walk and Gregg Popovich, but most importantly, they have some of the best freaking tacos your tongue will ever have the pleasure of tasting. In fact, with so many famous joints, it was nearly impossible to pick a single taco shop for Kobe. Sure, we could send him to La Gloria, but we wouldn’t want to rob him of the delightful El Rafas Cafe, obviously. In the end, we decided on Los Barrios, and their signature shredded chicken puffy taco.


Tradition.. #myhometownbbqfamily #texasbbq #bbqlife #blessedbybbq

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Tacos, of course, are just one of the two essential food groups in San Antonio, with the other being, obviously, barbecue. Just in case Kobe’s not feeling tacos (which, is that even humanly possible?), we suggest he takes a quick drive to Lockhart, Texas, where he can do a quick barbecue tour of Blacks’, Kreuz Market, Smitty’s Market, and Chisholm Trail. If he makes it through such a gauntlet, well, he’s truly deserving of his place among the all-time greats.

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