Kyrie Irving Apparently Has A ‘Friends’ Tattoo On His Left Forearm

It was a devastating end to the season for Kyrie Irving, who ill-advisedly willed himself to play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals despite nagging knee and foot injuries. He subsequently ended up breaking his kneecap and stopped his inaugural postseason run its tracks.

Irving was forced to watch the Cavs’ improbable Game 2 win from his hospital bed while recovering from surgery, but he was present at media availability Wednesday following Cleveland’s remarkable Game 3 victory and covered all sorts of prescient topics, most notably a conspicuous Friends tattoo blazoned on his left forearm.

Irving would have been a toddler entrenched in his terrible twos when the beloved 90s sitcom first premiered, so we’re guessing he caught up with all of the implausible New Yorkers’ antics and adventures via syndication as his cognitive development progressed.

It’s a bittersweet time for Irving as he’s forced to sit and watch LeBron James and the Cavs on their miraculous odyssey through the NBA Finals, particularly as the formerly-overlooked player slotted in his stead – Matthew Dellavedova – wreaks absolute havoc on the heretofore confounded Golden State Warriors and transforms into a living folk legend right before our very eyes.

Luckily for Irving, Netflix released all 10 seasons of the show at the beginning of this year, so hopefully the gang can keep him company during his convalescence, which will reportedly extend to 3-4 months.