LeBron James Took A Victory Lap After Nike’s Stock Hit Record Highs

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It’s been a whirlwind of a week or so for Nike, as the company has sparked the latest round of discussion regarding Colin Kaepernick. Much of it has been the usual argument regarding Kaepernick’s decision to protest police brutality prior to NFL games, but in the immediate aftermath, some of the conversation revolved around whether this was a good idea or not by Nike.

Most people understood that Nike wasn’t going to make a decision that tanked its bottom line, but in the immediate aftermath, the company’s stock took a hit. It led to some folks saying that A (Kaepernick) led to B (stocks prices falling), but a few days later, all appears to be right on the Nike front.

On Thursday, Nike’s stock closed at $83.47, which Darren Rovell of ESPN reported was the highest it’s closed in the history of the company. This led to the most prominent Nike athlete in the country, LeBron James, celebrating the big day.

James, obviously, is making a joke regarding the people who protested the Kaepernick decision by lighting their clothing and sneakers on fire. The Lakers star appears prominently in the Nike commercial that is part of the ad campaign with Kaepernick, and offered his support by tweeting it out immediately after it was posted to social media.