A Shirtless J.R. Smith Partied Harder Than Anyone At The Cavs’ Vegas Celebration

After winning an NBA championship in the Bay Area, you have a few options:

  1. Hop on the team plane, get some shut-eye, wake up in Cleveland and go home to get more sleep
  2. Go back to the team hotel, order a sandwich from room service, watch Chappie and fall asleep
  3. Fly to Vegas, which is only about an hour away from Oakland, go to a club, get drunk and party like those oil-driller guys did in Armageddon

Of course, J.R. Smith and the Cavaliers chose option 3.

The team went to the XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and based on the above videos and Twitter timeline of ESPN’s Arash Markazi, everyone had a very good time. Smith was walking around shirtless pouring Champagne on a woman in a Cavs jersey and she was spraying him back with her own bottle of Champagne. This is basically the moment Smith has dreamed about his entire life.

Smith will receive all the attention when it comes to partying videos but can we offer a bit of praise for Richard Jefferson in the first video?

I don’t know what his marriage/girlfriend situation is, but he has all the body language of a guy trying to hook up. He’s over here talking to this woman, saying things like, “My retirement plan is taking care of you, baby,” and she’s all, “You were alive in the ’80s?,” and here comes Smith, pouring champagne on her while he’s kicking his best game. That’s usually tough to overcome.

But overcome he does. He plays it cool, waits out the scene, and they go right back to talking to each other as if Smith had asked them for a piece of gum. It’s that type of poise under adverse circumstances that made Jefferson and the Cavs champions.

(Via Twitter)