NBA Mock Draft 2017: Where Things Stand After The Celtics Traded No. 1

06.21.17 10 months ago

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After months of speculation from die-hards and weeks of buzz from more casual fans, the 2017 NBA Draft is (finally) here. While there should not be any surprise with the first player selected, there is still plenty in the way of pivot points and things can fly off the rails in a hurry beginning with the No. 2 overall pick.

It is generally impossible to accurately project mock drafts without full intelligence from around the league but conventional wisdom can also be exceedingly useful. In the end, the majority of the picks found below probably won’t come to pass, if only because this mock does not include trades (that almost certainly will occur) or the inevitable fall of one or more prospects seen as lottery locks. That won’t stop us from enjoying the process, though, and the final mock draft of the 2017 NBA Draft season is upon us.

Let’s get weird.

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