NBA Unveils New “Latin Nights” Uniforms For Spurs, Heat, Lakers, Bulls & Knicks

02.27.14 5 years ago
The NBA has announced its plans for the “Latin Nights” program this year–titled Noches éne-bé-a (eh-nay-bay-ah). It will feature seven games, starting with March 2 between Chicago and New York. On the same day, Carmelo Anthony will help kick off the festivities by appearing in a new ad titled “Carmelo’s éne-bé-a rhythm” that will air on all NBA platforms. You can check out a sneak peek of it here.

The schedule for this year’s lineup will continue on March 6 with the Heat/Spurs, and Suns/Thunder; on March 9 with Lakers/Thunder; on March 10 with Suns/Clippers; on March 19 with Suns/Magic, and on March 23 with Knicks/Cavs.

The NBA also revealed a look at the new “Latin Nights” uniforms for five prominent teams, which are available at, NBA Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, and in-arena stores for participating teams. Check out the jerseys below and stay tuned for more info on the program.

Hit page 2 to see the uniforms for the Heat and Lakers…

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