Randy Foye Found Out He Was Being Traded Pretty Much The Same Way You Did

One of the few complaints about being a professional athlete is not necessarily having much control over where you work. With the exception of a few superstars, anyone can find themselves packing for a new city at a moment’s notice. You’d think that notice might come from your agent, at least, but not for Randy Foye.

The former Denver Nugget found out he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder via notification on the NBA app, according to ESPN writer Royce Young. That’s never the way you want things to go down, whether you’re the player, the agent or one of the teams involved.

But the truth is, it’s probably nobody’s fault directly. Today’s world demands news instantly, and NBA writers like Yahoo ports’ Adrian Wojnarowski have so many inside sources on so many teams that it’s not too surprising a trade might break before the team calls an agent or player, depending on who the source is. With an app designed to push news as soon as possible, technology is going to beat the human element if they’re both starting at the same time – especially on a day as crazy as the trade deadline.