Reddit Story Reveals More Proof Kevin Durant Is A “Good Guy”

02.27.14 5 years ago

The tired cliché that nice guys finish last doesn’t really apply to MVP front-runner Kevin Durant, but make no mistake: KD is a good guy. A man claiming to be working for Fox, detailed a story of Durant’s kindness on reddit. After a lot of circumspect scrutiny by a suspicious reddit community, the man’s story appears to be legit.

Reddit username: mathan1234 told the following story for reddit’s almost always awesome r/NBA community:

I was working for Fox at the OKC Thunder game last night. After the game, one of our camera operators slipped and fell on the stairs last night. KD is about to walk his mother out, but sees this happen. He said to his mom, “Hold on a minute.”

He walks up to our cameraman says “Hey are you alright?”, he then walks our cameraman back to the production truck. On the way, they talk and decide that his finger might be broken, so they go to the arena’s x-ray machine and KD arranges for our guy to get an x-ray right there.
And to top it off, he waited there with him. Turns out the finger was broken. And once it was over, he walked our guy back to the truck and got him some ice.

I wasn’t in there for the x-ray being done, but I would like to assume that KD personally performed the x-ray and then gave our guy a piece of candy afterwards. ;)

Anyway, I just thought that was a cool story.

Reddit sees a lot of these, so the hivemind gave mathan1234 a heavy amount of scrutiny, where it’s pretty clear he wasn’t lying for reddit fame.

The story just buttresses what many already assume about KD: He’s a “good guy,” but now we know he’s also nice to camera guys.

(Reddit; H/T Oklahoman)

What do you think of KD’s impromptu help?

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