Rumor: Rajon Rondo Was At Trampoline Park On Day He Broke His Hand

09.27.14 4 years ago

Rajon Rondo broke his hand on Thursday night and underwent successful surgery yesterday that will leave him sidelined for at least six weeks. In a statement announcing the news, the Boston Celtics say Rondo suffered the injury while falling at home, and media reports clarified that it occurred when the star point guard slipped in the shower. As suspicious as that explanation seemed initially, it’s even more so now after rumors ran rampant overnight that Rondo visited a Boston area trampoline park the same day he fractured a left metacarpal.

This unsubstantiated rumor – note the emphasis, please – is courtesy of a reader e-mail sent to BarStool Sports. Below is a photo of Rondo supposedly taken at Altitude Trampoline Park on Thursday.

And here are several tweets posted late Thursday afternoon saying Rondo was indeed seen at Altitude:

There’s been no confirmation whatsoever that the photo and tweets included here are legitimate, but it bears mentioning that the story is gaining steam in Boston. A quick Twitter advanced search shows that area news outlets are reaching out to users that reported the info. And irrespective of this specific incident, a tumble at a trampoline park seems more likely to result in a broken hand than a fall in the shower to us.

But an even more probable cause of an injury like Rondo’s, in our completely unscientific opinion, is that it was the result of a punch. The Celtics never specified which metacarpal in his left hand that Rondo broke, but if it happened to be the fourth or fifth (connecting the ring or pinky fingers) one, credence is lent to the notion that the fracture occurred after he hit something with a closed fist. A description of the so-called “boxer’s fracture,” from, is as follows:

Boxer’s fractures occur in the metacarpal bones that connect the ring finger or the little finger to the wrist. These are known as the fourth and fifth metacarpal bones. Some doctors include breaks in the neck of the second and third metacarpal bones in the definition of a boxer’s fracture. The second metacarpal bone connects the index finger to the wrist, and the third metacarpal connects the middle finger to the wrist.

It’s crucial to reiterate that we have no inside information here. The trampoline park report is a rumor gleaned from another site, and the “boxer’s fracture” talk is pure, uneducated conjecture on our parts.

Stay tuned. There could be more to Rondo’s injury than he and the Celtics are letting on.

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