Steph Curry Keeps Aggravating His Shin Injury And Calls It A ‘Magnet’

01.06.16 2 years ago

stephen curry

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If there was anything that could seriously slow down the Golden State Warriors’ scorched-earth campaign over the NBA, it was always going to be an injury to the MVP, Steph Curry. So, when he went down with a shin injury a couple of days before the new year, Warriors fans feared the worst. Luckily, it wasn’t considered a serious knock, and he only missed two games. But that darn shin keeps barking at him, and it’s caused him to miss large chunks of two of the three games since his return.

But as Curry tells ESPN, he has no plans to shut it down to recover more fully.

“It’s just frustrating and annoying and any other adjective you want to throw in there. Long-term, it’s not something that I’ll have to worry about. It’s just playing through an injury that’s there. It doesn’t get worse if I play on it, unless I get kicked, and that’s happened three times since I did it, so hopefully it won’t keep happening again.”

Here’s how he got hit most recently, on Tuesday night in Los Angeles against the Lakers:

He also called his sore shin a “magnet,” a feeling to which we can all relate. Only in our lives, it’s the corner of the coffee table that keeps finding our sore shins, not the feet of seven-foot centers like Roy Hibbert. This may be the suspicious fan in us, but saying that getting his shin kicked aggravates the injury isn’t the sort of thing Curry should do publicly. It only takes one unscrupulous player to take one kick at Steph’s legs and incapacitate him.

Of course, then that ruffian would have to deal with an angry Draymond Green, who in his inimitable Dray-ness, would start a fight and then rack up a triple-double.

(Via ESPN)

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