Watch Drake Blow In Lance Stephenson’s Ear At ESPYs

The lovable rapper/actor/emcee backpackers hate with the violence of an early Rakim couplet, Raptors global ambassador Drake, hosted the ESPYs tonight in Los Angeles and he got a couple humdingers in about Donald Sterling and others. Perhaps his greatest NBA-related skit involved Lance Stephenson and his former teammate Paul George.

Here’s Drake blowing in Stephenson’s ear on the “Lance Cam,” just like Lance did to LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals this past postseason:

Lance also poked some fun at his odd on-court behavior. Later, he and Drake tagged up to blow in Paul George’s ears from both sides:


Oh, Drake. We didn’t watch the whole thing, but we’re guessing Drake’s wardrobe was lint-free.

(GIFS via @_MarcusD_)

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