‘Deathloop’ Is So Good Hideo Kojima Wants To Play It Even If It Makes Him Sick

Deathloop rules. Arkane Studios, the creators of the Dishonored series, has a gem on their hand with the time loop game nobody can stop talking about. The concept is simple: The main character, Colt, wakes up on a beach unable to remember what happened the night before. Turns out, he’s been in a non-stop loop where the entire island keeps killing him for fun. The only way to get out of the loop is for Colt to eliminate the eight targets in a single day, and if he fails, it’s back to the beach.

The game is really fun and has garnered a lot of attention for taking a not-so-unique premise and making it fun. It’s so impressive that legendary developer Hideo Kojima wants to play it, which on its surface makes sense. But there’s just one problem: As someone who suffers from motion sickness, this is the kind of game that he believes will make him sick.

It says a lot about how good Deathloop must be that even someone with a history of motion sickness wants to play it. Interestingly enough, Kojima has made a first-person 3D game in the past: P.T., the infamous demo for the now-canceled Silent Hills, was a first-person horror experience. Regardless, it’s a bummer that he might not get to experience one of the best games of the year because of motion sickness. Maybe Arkane can throw him a bone and add in a third-person mode for him.