EA Swears It’s Working On The New ‘Skate’ But Doesn’t Have Much To Share Yet

For a long time, the idea of a Skate 4 was just a meme. It was something that everyone would blast into the comments section of any Instagram post or YouTube video that EA would make. However, while it was mainly a meme, there was still some truth behind all those comments. While we’re seeing a potential renaissance in arcade sports games, for a long time they were missing from the yearly release schedule. No Tony Hawk, no snowboarding games, and no Skate.

However, after a 10-year wait, EA announced in June 2020 that a new Skate game was entering development. The key phrase here is that it was entering development because the progress since that video has been unsurprisingly minimal. A studio named Full Circle formed to work on the game back in January and on Monday they had a small teaser to show fans to let us know that they’re still working on the game. They did tease that they have some gameplay, but they chose to not show that in the teaser video.

This is the very definition of a teaser trailer, because it teases the existence of something more but opts to not show it to us. The trailer even calls itself a tease in some kind of weird meta self-awareness. It also features a lot of fans of the game reacting to it and supposedly being extremely impressed by what they’re seeing. However, while we didn’t get to see anything, we were able to hear a few tidbits of what they should be working on and seeing some of the motion capture operation in progress.

Listening to what the fans are asking or responding to, we hear one mention they don’t want any particular skater to look the same as the other. So everyone will be happy to know that a character creator is likely on the way, and another one mentioned “spinning around a rail” which indicates the return of the park creation mode from the original Skate games. The final detail that we could hear was someone mentioning a “huge open-world” which could be fun. Having an entire world to explore and skate around in has always been a dream for skateboarding game fans, and just riding around to find spots in Skate 3 was one of the best parts of the game — people just want an even bigger world to explore.

Of course, this is just the teaser. We can speculate all we want, but until we get to see the actual gameplay ourselves the best we can do is guess.