‘EA Sports F1 22’ Gets A Worldwide Release On July 1

Anyone that wants to get a taste of the drama that comes from F1 racing may want to consider picking up EA Sports F1 22 when it gets a worldwide release on July 1. The EA Sports F1 series is back with many fan favorite modes like My Team, career mode, and of course multiplayer. One of the biggest draws of this year’s version of the game though is its use of VR, where players will get to experience being a driver inside the cockpit of their vehicles.

With an adaptive AI, varying difficulty levels, and the ability to customize your experience, this has the potential to be a great entry point for new fans of the sport. Lee Mather, the senior creative director for EA Sports F1 22, spoke about how both new and longtime fans will have plenty to enjoy in the upcoming game through a press release.

EA Sports F1 22 Cockpit
EA Sports F1 22

“We look forward to welcoming our players to the new era of Formula 1,” Mather said. “Alongside the real-world changes, we have updated the physics to accommodate the new aero rules and re-worked the tyre model, making the handling more true to life. With new and updated circuits, Adaptive AI, F1 Life, and expanded gameplay options, there has never been a better time for players to take their seats and live the life of an F1 driver.”