‘Far Cry 6’ Really Wants To Focus On The Plot Even Though It Still Looks The Same

There is a lot of excitement around the release of Far Cry 6 in October. After a recent media event, in which outlets were able to play and break down the game for themselves, a picture is starting to form about what exactly Far Cry 6 is going to be. Right now, early projections of the game are that while nobody is clear on the direction of the story, the gameplay still feels very much in the Far Cry formula.

On Wednesday, Ubisoft released a game overview trailer which featured the motivations of main characters — including that of playable protagonist Dani Rojas — and introduced some of the personalities that the player is going to run into. Everything is mainly played straight to emphasize the fact that is going to be a very serious game about a revolution.

It may be the plot of the game that makes or breaks opinions on Far Cry 6 among fans. The general sentiment about Far Cry is that the formula has grown tiresome and they need to try something new. However, a strong story may be enough of a driving force to push everyone through if they feel the gameplay itself is too similar to previous iterations. With how much they’re emphasizing it this go around, they seem to really believe they have something with their plot about revolution.

With a strong cast of characters, including Giancarlo Esposito as the main villain, they might be right. The few scenes we’ve seen highlighted so far have been performed well. However, Far Cry has a history of attempting to tackle tough subjects and coming up well short of actually saying anything, so we’re going to need to take what we see with a few grains of salt. That’s especially the case ever since they originally couldn’t decide if their game was actually going to be “political” or not.

While the plot is definitely the driving force in all the marketing material so far, we did get to see a little bit of gameplay in the overview trailer. The guns look fun to use, and the explosions are pretty, so it checked off those expected boxes. The game is going to have a serious tone, although they did manage to include an over-the-top Gatling gun and an exhaust pipe shooting flames in the trailer, so we know that not everything is going to be quite so serious, which is expected of this series. As for whether that actually works or not, we’re just going to have to see for ourselves once it releases.