Turns Out There’s A Great ‘Goldeneye 007’ Mode In ‘Far Cry 5’

I’m sorry to do this to anyone who remembers its release, but Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is going to be 24 years old this upcoming August. Yet, despite the game’s age, it is still beloved to this day. That’s because Goldeneye is one of those legendary games that was at the perfect moment in the perfect time. It was the first major console first-person shooter to take off. Its multiplayer was the stuff of legends and dominated college dorm rooms well beyond the N64’s lifespan.

People love Goldeneye, even in this current generation of lifelike video games and massively upgraded mechanics. And the latest example of that adoration for the series can be found in Far Cry 5 and its arcade mode. Fans recently discovered that when you enter that mode and search for “GE64” you will find a map that is an incredible homage to Goldeneye.


This just goes to show how much people still love Goldeneye. Nostalgia is a powerful tool and that someone was willing to recreate it in an entirely different game just shows the level to which people adore this game. What’s also impressive is how good it looks. A lot of people will remake their favorite levels of games in creation games such as Mario Maker or Dreams, but there’s usually a pretty obvious fake skin on top of it. This looks pretty close to what a modern-day version of ‘Goldeneye 007’ would look like, making it that much better.