An Ultimate Team ‘Madden’ Glitch Features A Permanent On-Field Locker Room

Every year when the new Madden releases there are usually two things that happen. A lot of people talk about how they’re never going to buy Madden again and then everyone else who does buy it posts videos of some really spectacular glitches. Now, it’s important to note that Madden 23 is actually an improvement over previous iterations. It’s far from perfect, but it’s the first positive step the franchise has taken in a long time and we’re glad to see that.

Unfortunately, when we say it’s not perfect we do mean the glitches are still there. This latest one is a new one, though — at least for me. One person posted a video of their match on Ultimate Team where, no matter what they did, the locker room remained on the screen blocking their vision. As far as this player is concerned, they’re playing in the first-ever stadium/locker room on-field combo the world has ever seen.

So, the first observation is obviously that this is incredibly funny because as far as I can tell the locker room has no physical impact on any part of the field so we have guys just phasing in and out of walls like they’re nothing. The next is I’m extremely impressed that this person was able to actually make a field goal with all of this stuff in front of them. They deserve extra points for making one basically blindfolded.

As always, it’s important to remember that making video games is very difficult, but that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh at how funny some of these glitches are. Let’s just hope this was a one-time bug and something that is going to be patched out relatively fast.