Nintendo Has Announced They’re Discontinuing The ‘Dr. Mario World’ Mobile Game

Sorry Mario, looks like Nintendo is taking your medical license to another castle. Earlier today, Nintendo released a notice announcing they are officially shutting down match-three mobile game Dr. Mario World after just over two years of service. According to the post, the game will officially shut down on November 1, though as of today, diamonds — the game’s premium currency — are no longer available to purchase.

In addition to announcing Dr. Mario World‘s imminent departure, the post also listed out what players can expect once the game’s been taken down. Once Dr. Mario World leaves digital marketplaces, all players who attempt to boot up the game will receive an end-of-service notification and be unable to play the game. However, former players will be able to look back at their play history with Dr. Mario World Memories, a web page that will become available after the game’s service ends.

The news of Dr. Mario World‘s discontinuation comes as little surprise considering the game’s lackluster performance. According to Games Industry Biz, the mobile game is by far Nintendo’s least successful title, “generating 13 million installs and $13.9 million in overall revenue since its launch.” When compared to Fire Emblem Heroes $891.5 and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp‘s $242.1 million, it’s easy to see why Nintendo decided to call it quits on Dr. Mario World.

For those still looking to get their Dr. Mario fix, the original Super Nintendo title is available to download via the Switch’s digital marketplace.