The NWSL And Its Players Are Coming To ‘FIFA 23’

When FIFA 23 was first announced it came with a huge change for the EA Sports soccer franchise. Not only was it going to feature many of the usual fan favorite men’s clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea, but it was now going to feature many of their women’s side counterparts as well. Chelsea’s Sam Kerr even got a spot on the cover to acknowledge how big a deal this was going to be. Unfortunately for stateside fans, it initially seemed like the announcement was going to leave their own local clubs, the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) out of the big announcement.

On Monday, that was changed when EA revealed that the NWSL and its players would be joining FIFA 23. With the upcoming season slated to kickoff on March 25 the timing for this announcement could be any better. The trailer itself is pretty fun too featuring a lot of the creative ways NWSL players choose to celebrate goals.

While likely not as well known internationally, the NWSL has been working to break through into common knowledge among fans in the United States. It’s considered the top league in the country and has featured many stars including Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Carson Pickett, Sophia Smith, and Lo’eau LaBonta. The NWSL began in 2013 and will be kicking off its 11th season this year. It’s still growing but becoming a part of the most popular soccer game in the world has the potential to help with that.