Uproxx ‘Recon’ Is Here To Talk ‘Diablo,’ Mods, And Gaming Communities

Alright folks, it’s time to pull up the ol’ gamer chair and flip on your RGB lights — we’ve got another episode of Recon ready for you to enjoy!

While we here at Uproxx Edge appreciate what every platform we game on has to offer (from the newest gen to throwbacks and even mobile), in today’s episode we’re shining a spotlight on one in particular: the PC.

So, what makes PC gaming so special? In this episode of Recon, AJ Lodge and I (making my first Recon appearance) are gonna walk you through it all as we talk about growing up alongside Oregon Trail, the fun of old school LAN parties, and one of the all-time great, Diablo, This before taking a deep dive into how communities are better fostered on PC through programs such as Discord.

We’re also talking about how PC gaming inspires creativity and inclusivity through the creation of game mods that affect how we see and play our favorite games. Watch the episode above to see all that and to watch us talk about everything from esports to hardware, Skyrim‘s notoriously funny Thomas the Tank Engine mod, Steam bundle deals (and how they promote exploration), and efforts to build the gaming community you want.