This Kickstarter Will Let You Turn Your Xbox Series S Into A Portable Console

One of the coolest parts of the Nintendo Switch is how it lets you play games like Mario, Zelda, and Skyrim quite literally anywhere. Taking a home console and bringing it on the go is a concept that even now sounds like it shouldn’t be real. This idea is having so much influence that a Kickstarter is out there to turn the Xbox Series S into a portable console.

The “xScreen” is an attachable device that owners can connect to their Xbox Series S and utilize as a screen. This will allow them to play any games on their Series S on the go. The best part of course is that the Series S is a discless console so there’s no need to carry around physical games making it an even more effective portable console than the Switch in some ways.

The Kickstarter hasn’t launched yet, but the idea of it is really cool. It’s not particularly original, these kinds of devices existed for the GameCube for example, but screen technology is far better than it used to be. The xScreen will have 1080p with 60 a Hz refresh rate which is actually more powerful than an undocked Nintendo Switch.

It’s impressive that a device as small as the Series S is powerful enough to run something like the xScreen, but a lot of this is still a concept. We’ll need to see how it performs once it’s in production, but the idea of turning more of our consoles into portable devices is cool. Especially with technology today allowing these portable devices to actually look like they would on actual TV screens. If this screen succeeds, alongside the continued success of the Nintendo Switch, we may see more hardware like it.