The 12 Highest Rated Crime Thrillers And Dramas On Netflix Streaming

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Next to a gut-busting comedy, a well-done crime thriller is always an enjoyable movie experience for me. Luckily, Netflix has a wide array of outstanding crime dramas and thrillers to stream if you’re looking for a movie that revels in darker side of life.

Like previous installments of our “Highest Rated Of Netflix” series, I looked at the crime movies with at least a million votes to ensure a truly sordid array of low-down cops, crooks and murderers. So without further hesitation, here are the highest rated crime thrillers and dramas currently streaming on Netflix.

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The Usual Suspects 4.3 stars out of 4,314,773 ratings.

Arguably Stephen Baldwin’s greatest movie, The Usual Suspects is a perfect blueprint for the “mystery thriller.” A burned-out ship, multiple dead crooks and only one survivor to tell the twisted tale of how it all went down. Kevin Spacey’s layered story that he reveals to detectives keeps you guessing until the very end and provides one of the most enjoyable first viewings of any movie experience. Rotten Tomatoes 96, IMDB 8.7


Pulp Fiction 4.1 stars out of 9,950,613 ratings.

I can be kind of stingy with my five star Netflix reviews, but have no qualms about giving Pulp Fiction a perfect rating. The intersecting stories of two hitmen, a washed-up boxer and mob boss’ wife in seedy Los Angeles has equal parts humor and gritty violence. The movie revitalized John Travolta’s career and cemented itself into pop culture history. Rotten Tomatoes 96, IMDB 9.0


The Boondock Saints 4.1 stars out of 6,707,755 ratings.

A cult favorite embraced by audiences and loathed by critics, The Boondock Saints worked its way into Netflix’s top action movies and sits equally well in the crime drama category. The story of Irish twins out to rid their city of corruption with swift and unforgiving justice borrows from Tarantino, but goes over the top in a way that he did not with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Rotten Tomatoes 92, IMDB 7.9


End Of Watch 4.1 stars out of 2,420,288 ratings.

While End Of Watch is similar to another great cop drama that didn’t make this list, Colors, it shows the perils of being a Los Angeles cop from an almost documentary point of view. It’s evident from the start that David Ayer’s story of two young cops who get caught up with the Los Angeles sect of the Mexican Cartel is not going to end happily, how everything plays out though is both a thrilling and affecting movie experience. Rotten Tomatoes 86, IMDB 7.7


Reservoir Dogs 4 stars out of 7,281,982 ratings.

Without a doubt, one of the coolest movies of the early 1990s, Reservoir Dogs ushered in Quentin Tarantino as the new superstar director of the decade and gave us a style of film-making that continues to be copied today. (It’s also got probably the only and best severed ear joke in cinema.) A group of identical suit-wearing crooks pull a heist, holds a cop hostage and slowly start to turn on each other with the belief that someone in the gang isn’t who they appear to be. Rotten Tomatoes 94, IMDB 8.4


The Untouchables 4 stars out of 3,186,371 ratings.

I’ve covered The Untouchables twice now with a post about its unusual facts, as well as including it in the best action/adventures movies streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop wasting time and stream this gangster classic, already.

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