21 Jump Street Has A Red Band Trailer

For the past few months, we’ve all lost sleep wondering whether a comedy actor like Jonah Hill could team up with a living legend and jack of all trades like Channing Tatum to resurrect the hit TV show that launched Richard Grieco’s career. Now we can wonder a little less. According to the new red band trailer for 21 Jump Street, Hill and C-Tates play two police academy cadets respectively struggling to pass the physical and academic standards required to become police officers. In fact, I can’t help but be reminded of the 1988 Best Picture winner Feds, starring Rebecca De Mornay and Mary Gross. They sure don’t make classics like they used to.

But I cede my remaining time to the honorable B Boy From ‘Bama, the hardest twerkin’ man in shizzow bizzna$ty, C-Tates, to give us the inside scoop on what you’re about to watch.

Yo girl, check it… lights, camera, YO SH*T IS WHACKTION IT’S C-TATES IN THE MUTHA F*CKIN’ HEEZOUSE! Yo girl, so like, me and J-Hill went to high school 2gether, but he graduated n sh*t cuz he ain’t got no GED like C-Tates. But we keeps it all real, right, and we wanna be cops and clean up the streets so peoples can step to them, heard? But like, we suck, son. Our sh*t is hella weak. So we team up, but they ain’t no fine chicken head between us… just some whack ass drug dealers, feel me? Then Ice Cube shows up and, yo girl, he be all like, “Damn C-Tates u hella smooth, I let you use da n-word” but I was like, Aw hell naw. Sh*t, we laughed for hours, respek.

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