A Brief History of Nic Cage Being Crazy

Nic Cage famously “went broke” (ie, had to sell some of his stuff) due to wild spending on castles, Lamborghinis, dinosaur skulls, and cobra anti-venom (note: none of those things are exaggerations), and today Yahoo has an article about him recently paying back $6 million he owed the IRS. Good for him, that. But for our purposes, the part of the story that’s even better is at the bottom, where Yahoo runs down a few of Nic Cage’s career “highlights.” I’ve covered all of these stories before, but a trip down memory lane is always welcome, and it’s fun to see them all in one place:

– [In April 2011] According to police, Cage was heavily intoxicated and violent, arguing with his wife, Alice Kim, in a tattoo parlor and on the street. Later, he punched a few cars.

– [In December 2010] While leaving a night club in Romania where he was promoting “Ghost Rider,” the actor exploded into a rage during an altercation with a companion.
Cage was taped screaming: “I thought we were brothers, man,” and “I’ll die in the name of honor.”

– During a chat with David Letterman to promote his film “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” Cage told the story of how he and his cat, Louis, did psychedelic mushrooms together.
He said that after a daylong staring contest with the cat he “had no doubt that he was my brother.”

 – His third marriage was to Alice Kim, who he met in 2004 when she waited on his table at a Los Angeles restaurant. The two have one child together– a son named Kal-El, which was Superman’s name as a child. [Maybe I shouldn’t find this part as funny as I do, but it cracks me up every time. “Hey there, Ah’m Nic Cage, an this here’s my son, Peter Parker Robocop Cage III. He’s named after his Godfather, a pet iguana I bought from Lorenzo Lamas.”]

– Most people don’t know that Cage is a huge fan of comic books [Really? Because he named his son Superman.]. In fact, he has a tattoo of Ghost Rider on his arm and he developed a six-issue illustrated series called “Voodoo Child” with his son Weston. Set in New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, the story focuses on a child who puts a voodoo curse on his soul before he is murdered by secessionist soldier.

– According to Charlie Sheen, Cage once helped him smuggle cocaine onto a plane and came up with the term “goddess.” During his show in Columbus, Ohio, Sheen said: “We’re at this after-party and Nic Cage is over at the corner and he’s showing a girl his watch,” Sheen explained. “It was dark, but I knew exactly what he was doing. He has his wrist down here … So she just kind of pokes him in the chest and walks away. And his response was ‘Well there goes a goddess, an absolute f***ing goddess.'” [Yahoo]

I guess it says a lot about me that I found that last anecdote the most relatable. I mean come on, who hasn’t played the old “You know what time it is? It’s six o’COCK” gag? Okay, with me it was more like five o’cock, but who’s counting.