A Documentary about American Masculinity

Jennifer Siebel Newsom made a documentary in 2011 called Miss Representation. It addresses American femininity with regard to the power of the media and is a little questionable but I don’t feel qualified to talk about either topic without some serious incentive, gnome sayin? (I want to be paid in gnomes.) Here’s a trailer for The Mask You Live In, her latest pun project, which she’s Kickstarting, about boys and masculinity and why it’s generally not a great idea to emulate the drinking habits, penchant for violence, or emotional detachment of your grandfather (I’m looking at you, Baby Goose, but I love you nonetheless). It’s great to see this, and not just to quiet and educate trolls, but because there can’t be any productive discussion on gender roles if anyone thinks that men are not entrenched in the same harmful patriarchy as women. From watching the sh*tstorm that Best Frotcast Guest Lindy West has been navigating, it seems like a lot of men (and sometimes their wives named Tammy) defend the status quo because simply reading words like “misogyny” and “patriarchy” unearths insecurities about masculinity (the “don’t blame me for that!” alongside the “that doesn’t exist!”), without realizing that the status quo doesn’t have anyone’s best interests in mind (“oh snap this affects me too!”).

[via Jezebel lol]

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