A Middle Eastern Prince Spent $500K for 15 Minutes with Bella Swan

Kristen Stewart gets way too much crap simply for being associated for Twilight, and not enough crap for being a one-note actress whose one move is “broody wounded dove.” Nonetheless, she certainly has her fans, including an unnamed Middle Eastern prince who paid $500,000 just to sit with her for 15 minutes. Long enough for at least an under-the-skirt hand job, I hope.

Harvey Weinstein told the story while promoting his Hurricane Sandy benefit concert film, 12.12.12.. From the New York Times:

One story involved the actress Kristen Stewart. Mr. Weinstein described persuading her to accept an offer from a Middle Eastern prince, who said he would make a large contribution to the Sandy relief effort if she would speak with him.

“How much?” Ms. Stewart asked, according to Mr. Weinstein.

He checked with the prince, who proposed a figure, which Mr. Weinstein promptly raised to $500,000.

The money was delivered in advance, in cash, Mr. Weinstein said.

Mr. Dolan locked it up in Madison Square Garden, he said. “And Kristen sits with the guy for 15 minutes.”

As a huge Twilight fan, I hear the guy promised to throw in an extra $100K if K-Stew would do her constipated face. On a serious note, Harvey Weinstein selling Kristen Stewart to an Arab sheik for $500K is about as close as real life gets to a skinhead propaganda cartoon.