‘This summer, Adam Sandler sh**s in your eyes, ears, and mouth’

Courtesy of Noah Harald, here’s a mash-up of the actual trailer for Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill, and the South Park parody of it. An obvious mash-up choice, perhaps, but still fun. That’ll do, internet, that’ll do. The best part about South Park’s parody is that because they got it out before Jack and Jill had a trailer, when people saw the actual Jack and Jill trailer, at least half of them thought, “Wait, isn’t this the fake movie from South Park?” Mmm, that’s a good burn.

Also, did anyone else notice that in the film, Jack apparently has two children, an Amish girl with a doll replica of herself and an Indian kid with a dildo strapped to his head? I feel like not enough is being made of this.