Adam Sandler's That's My Boy, starring Rex Ryan and Vanilla Ice

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03.01.12 15 Comments

Adam Sandler with his co-star, your mom.

MTV has the red-band trailer for Adam Sandler’s latest, That’s My Boy, starring Andy Samberg, featuring cameos by Rex Ryan and Vanilla Ice. It looks like Sandler has ditched the family-friendliness of his last few films, but not the need to perform entire movies in a silly voice. HE’S GAWT A FACKIN’ BAWSTON ACCINT IN THIS ONE, CAWKSUCKAH! Sandler plays Andy Samberg’s ne’er-do-well, estranged father who comes back in his life to show him blah blah blah who cares. There are cameos from Jets coach/pussy lover Rex Ryan and proto-Durst Vanilla Ice, and while it doesn’t exactly look good, at least it was directed by the guys who wrote Hot Tub Time Machine (with a re-write by Ken Marino and David Wain, according to IMDB) and not one of Sandler’s dipshit flunkies like Dennis Dugan. I’m not going to lie, I definitely laughed at “You puked on my dress and then f*cked it?!”

Finally, something relatable.


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