Bar staff agrees that Adrien Grenier was “a real douche.”

The Entourage movie is supposedly a go, but Adrien Grenier must not have gotten his paycheck yet, because according to reports, he recently begged bar staff in St. Louis for free shots, and when they wouldn’t oblige, asked random girls to buy them for him. That is very un-Vinny Chase behavior, bro. You see? This is why he needs some of his boys from the old neighborhood around to keep him grounded. (*music cue, pool party montage*)

According to the Riverfront Times, Grenier showed up to the Three Kings Public House after a speaking gig at Washington University that the school paper officially described as: “Adrien Grenier Underwhelms at Graham Chapel.”

The crowd was thin to start, and even after Arian Grenier admitted to being single and open to a relationship, students continued to leave Graham Chapel, leaving only the first several rows occupied by the time he finished talking. […]

Grenier’s presentation centered primarily on his beliefs about environmental activism and, a website he co-founded to promote people and small businesses engaged in sustainable efforts. […]

Prior to playing a public service announcement about a plastic bag ban, Grenier praised Washington University’s own ban on plastic bags. […]

“Your efforts must not be reactionary but deliberate and absolutely folded into your every day and must sustain themselves for a lifetime in order to be effective…You must let yourself understand the big picture, but don’t get distracted by it,” he said. […]

Grenier also fielded a question about a possible “Entourage” movie. “If it doesn’t happen, I’ll give you a hundred bucks,” he promised a student.

Afterwards, he apparently headed off to a bar to drown his disappointment in booze and co-eds, which is exactly how my therapist Jack Daniels has advised me to deal with such things. But it sounds like that didn’t work out so well either.

From the Riverfront Times:

Grenier was sipping on Patron, soda and orange juice with a splash of lime. According to the bartenders, he repeatedly asked them to give him free shots (they refused) and then tried to get women in the bar to buy him shots. One fan allegedly asked the bartender what Grenier was drinking and after hearing his froufrou cocktail order, she bought him a shot of bourbon.

The Three Kings staff agreed that Grenier was “a real douche.”

Hey, you call it “acting like a douche,” I call it “viral marketing for the Entourage movie.”