Afternoon Links with Tron Dog

01.20.11 8 years ago

Remember Tron Dog?  Well now he has his own web series.  I can’t think of a better idea than that.


14 Internet Child Stars to Watch in 2011.  And again in 2020 when they’re murdering your family. |Uproxx|

Who is going to save your life now? |UproxxNews|

Baltimore Police Chief disses the Wire, gets a verbal bitchslapping from David Simon. |WarmingGlow|

Hasbro renames “spastic” Transformer. Now if they could just replace their “spastic” executives. |GammaSquad|

Paul the Octopus gets his own monument in Germany. |TheDailyWhat|

This chick makes a great Batman. |UnrealityMag|

The 6 strangest ways anyone was ever mistaken for a god. |Fark|

17 things you didn’t know about Seinfeld: an infographic. |TVSquad|

I Should Watch That – What the People We Watch Want to Watch  Interview with Girl Talk. |AdultSwim|

Dog guarding its owner’s grave for days after she died. Ha, stupid dog. (*pretends not to cry*) |BostonBarstoolSports|

Romantic comedies: a primer for men. |HolyTaco|

30 actresses who should consider topless scenes. |ScreenJunkies|

Spank bank: Rosalee, whoever that is.  Like it matters. |GorillaMask|

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